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The post I made earlier today.
After reboot it appeared there was even more
damage to the system, at first, the gnome login
was replaced by an ugly default login, not a problem
but after logging in the desktop didn’t work.
Tried to reinstall it, without success…

file /usr/lib/ from install of libgnome-window-settings1-2.18.0-4mdv2007.1 conflicts with file from package libgnome-main-menu_0-0.6.3-1mdv2007.1

file /etc/gconf/schemas/control-center.schemas from install of gnome-control-center-2.18.0-4mdv2007.1 conflicts with file from package gnome-main-menu-0.6.3-1mdv2007.1

Another day wasted to linux, I will have to reïnstall it all.

So, my laptop is running Linux for a few days now.
Migrating to a new operating system brings some troubles,
since I am not that experienced using Linux, but also some
other weird problems. First some software that’s not available
in Mandriva’s RPM database. So, I started googleing for some
other sources, and tried to install giftui, downloaded from it’s
own site. Failed because of missing libaries. There libaries were
also not available in Mandriva’s RPM database. So, ask google
again, and I found an RPM for an older Mandriva release.
Installed it, prompting to install some other stuff because of
depensencies, and so on …. then the RPM installer crashed.
But then the trouble started, it seems, it removed half of my
installed software. OpenOffice, Firefox, NVU, GIMP,
and a lot of gnome parts, and other software suddenly
disappeared. Reinstalling 173 packets *sigh*

So, my migration to Linux. So I had this 100 GB 2.5″
hard disk in an external case, and 60 GB in my laptop.
Now I moved all the stuff on the 100 GB disk to
somewere on my desktop computers hard disk,
and swapped the disks. So I have now a 100 GB
hard disk in my laptop, and installed linux on it.
So, I have Mandriva Linux Spring 2007 Free
and Microsoft Windows XP Professional,
both a fresh installation, at my laptop now.
And a data partition. I put my firefox and
thunderbird data directories on the shared
partition, so now i share the same setting in both
windows and linux. All my emails and bookmarks
are the same, not depending on the OS I booted.
That’s nice.

Also, I’ve seen the car my uncle bought. He bought
a 3 year old Mercedes. Even though his Renault is
only 4 years old, There is an other reason for him
to buy that car. Nicole got an accident with her car
last sunday, the car is damaged beyond repair,
so Nicole and Daan will buy the Renault and my
uncle buys the Mercedes. A black one it is. Cools!
I get to drive in it ^^ The Mercedes!

Finally it’s may vacation. One free week.
And monday it’s queens day here in the Netherlands.

Also, at school we started the new project with
our teacher playing the swedish person. I suppose
I told this before but well.

I placed the disk from my usb ide case in my laptop
and installed linux on it. After installing linux
I tried to install windows xp on a 2nd parition,
but windows is compaining about the parition layout
not being windows compatible. Turned out that i
created an extended partition in stead of a primary.
I should have used the expert mode in DiskDrake to
select primary or extended while creating the partion.

Wednesday I will be going to the circus with Joyce
(and i hope Randy as well) and thursday or friday
Hans and I will be going to visit Chloé. We haven’t
seen her place yet, so we’re going to visit.


So, last saturday, Hans and I were at the Roboludens
representing fontys; demonstating AIBO robot dogs
and a dice rolling machine.

The Roboludens was helt in the same place as a
LAN party was going on. With our Roboludens-pass
we got free food and drinks at the LAN party.
We could acces the LAN party area and so we looked
around at the LAN party, at some good looking case
mods and lots of other stuff. Oh a big LAN party.
Too bad we could only watch it. Oh well.

This morning I went to Fam. Rödiger with my uncle,
to help him with stuff. As you maybe know my uncle
is electrician, and he had to work over there. He’s doing
so for the past months. But really, that place is HUGE.
A castle it is. A HUGE CASTLE. wow! They had some
big nice rooms were they lived, and even more rooms
currently being renovated.
Those people also have a lot of horses, maybe even
over one hunred horses they have.
So, that was this morning.

Also, today I installed Linux on one of my Computers.
I installed Mandriva Free 2007 Spring on Sjink.
Not all the packages I wanted were available on the DVD
but they were on Mandrivas FTP. Only the packet manager
didn’t know about them being on there, so I had to look and
download them myself. But after the afternoon installing,
downloading and more installing, I have a nice running
Linux system. Only one minor problem, when watching my
anime, to be specific, D. Gray-man. That specific anime
is encoded in a mp4 file. To be more specific, using the
H.264/AVC codec. A substandard of the MPEG4 standard.
When playing these files, I get some weird green artefacts
sometimes. I think this is weird because Linux uses the
ffmpeg libary to decode it. On windows, I use the ffdshow
codecs, wich are also based upon ffmpeg, but don’t suffer
from this problem.

Today a train hit a car between Roermond and Weert.
Because of that I couldn’t go home after school; the train
only went till Weert. So there I cought a bus to Heythuisen
to Hans, because I couldn’t go home, and stayed the evening
It seems a cargo train hit a car, and at the same moment,
from the other direction, a passenger train also, that’s
what the radio said.

Seems someone took the word ‘snail-mail’ litterly.
The package above arrived in the mail today.
Take a closer look at it.

The thing was sent 11 january, so it took 3 months and a week to
be delivered.
But my Black Rain CD finally arrived. yay!

So, a little update on what’s going on in my life.
I’ve finished all my tests, and got the resutls.
My BC3 ( Coding in Borland C++ ) test was only
5,3. And my other test about Operating Systems
was a 8,0. So the seccond test was nice. As for the
project, it will be something between 7,0 and 7,5.
But that’s not decided yet.
Tomorrow I will go to school to have the interview
for the next project. My teacher is playing a swedish
person. Too bad I don’t know any swedish, would have
been funny to start talking to him in swedish. I once
downloaded some learn swedish thing on the internet
but lazy me started procrastinating again.
So no speaking swedish for me tomorrow. But it would
have been funny, gehehe.

Oh well … that for school stuff. There are some more things
on my mind right now, but not going to tell ya yet.
Wanna know? Gehehehe. Nope, I won’t tell ya!!! lol

An update on my anime:

Anime I am watching atm:

Name Episode
Rurouni Kenshin 30
Bleach 12
Jigoku Shoujo 10
Death Note 27
D. Gray-man 12

Anime I finished watching:

Angel’s Feather
Full Moon wo Sagashite
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
D.N. Angel