This morning I went to Fam. Rödiger with my uncle,
to help him with stuff. As you maybe know my uncle
is electrician, and he had to work over there. He’s doing
so for the past months. But really, that place is HUGE.
A castle it is. A HUGE CASTLE. wow! They had some
big nice rooms were they lived, and even more rooms
currently being renovated.
Those people also have a lot of horses, maybe even
over one hunred horses they have.
So, that was this morning.

Also, today I installed Linux on one of my Computers.
I installed Mandriva Free 2007 Spring on Sjink.
Not all the packages I wanted were available on the DVD
but they were on Mandrivas FTP. Only the packet manager
didn’t know about them being on there, so I had to look and
download them myself. But after the afternoon installing,
downloading and more installing, I have a nice running
Linux system. Only one minor problem, when watching my
anime, to be specific, D. Gray-man. That specific anime
is encoded in a mp4 file. To be more specific, using the
H.264/AVC codec. A substandard of the MPEG4 standard.
When playing these files, I get some weird green artefacts
sometimes. I think this is weird because Linux uses the
ffmpeg libary to decode it. On windows, I use the ffdshow
codecs, wich are also based upon ffmpeg, but don’t suffer
from this problem.

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