Starting today, I am self employed. My company name is The IT Philosopher. My company website is Today is the day I am officially registered at the Kamer van Koophandel (Chamber of Commerce). But of cource, I have been preparing for this event for quite some time. One could say I’ve spend all year in preparation for this event.

As part of such, lately I have been working on my web presence. In an earlier stage of my life, I was eager to ensure everything I’ve ever blogged remained online, and imported all of my blogging elsewhere on the internet into my own server. That is this blog. Ten years of blogging, that’s a lot of Blaat.

Over the years my blogging style has changed, where I shifted into more of a tech-blog. My plans are to export the tech-related posts to a different site ( I suppose I could put up a redirect here.

I suppose this also means, my hosting activities, I’ve executed as a hobby until now, will be shifted to a professional level. As The IT Philosopher, I’ve got new servers, which are still waiting to be configured. Busy busy.