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I have switched to an other tracker for my sites.
I now use StatCounter, because they have more details then NedStat, what i was used before…

I switched to NedStat, over a year ago, cause RealTracker caused spam and popups at my site… people where compaining about it (using Internet Explorer of couse) … and after a little research, it turned out to be that tracker … And NedStat had less details, but noone likes spyware …

But that was back then … now I have switched the Radio site to the new tracker .. (NedStat is still there) and I am moving the other too.

Yesterday, Sebastiaan added Willem in MSN . (Willem is of the support of DAH HOSTING)
He advised me to call Duncan (the boss of dah hosting). So I did, and he will activate my steam again :D … now i have to cancel the other one …

as promised we are be back …

I am finally getting over the fact that we were kicked …
I was really having touble with that …
But I am happy to annouce we have chosen a new name

Hardcore Radio Baek

Our new site will be online soon,

Thank you, we hope to have you back listening soon ;)


ORS Radio is no more … we are moving to an other host, an so, we will change our name too… Cause ORS was short for , and that subdomain is no more, so the name ORS is gone too…

We will be back soon …

Please leave any suggestions for our new name ;)


I am at work now … checking the nedstat stats, see the visitors.
So i go check at the listenest … and i discover, THEY REMOVED MY STREAM !!!!!!


edit : They responded to my email … i am at work now,
i don’t have the evidence here, that would prove i am innocent.
I have a chat log, where i got the link from rodie,
the link they claim i have hacked, but i got it from rodie ….

Too all listeners :
This is a sad day for ORS RADIO …
Thank you all for listening to ORS RADIO.
we are going to move to an other host, WE WILL BE BACK !!

edit 2 : Look good at the nederpop radio site : Look at that, they report the security issue too, they we discovered together
And at their forum, i was going to join them.

Really, i am going crazy !

I am really pissed off !!!!
DAH HOSTING, the hosting company of my Radio,
is blaiming ME for their problems,

The what is going on :
On Friday 20 May, in a chat on MSN MESSENGER,
Someone from Radio Digitaal Zuid
and someone from Nederpop radio
where complaining that their stream stops every day at the same time.
After a little research, Rodie, from Nederpop radio, came up with a link
of a server of dah hosting, displaying all the streams on that server,
and a way to take control of each of them.

My server is on a different server with a different system, i got a
Command Shell, what turned out to have root acces to the server.
(typed whoami in the textbox, it answered ‘root’)

Well, that is what happened friday night.
Saturday is was busy, so i could only acces internet that night, not
earlier, so i was wanting to send a report of the think i discovered
about their security holes,

Now they start blaiming ME that I would be the one responsible about
THEIR PROBLEMS with the STREAMS of Radio Digital Zuid and Nederpop Radio.

That really pisses me off…. I discover a security problem, and they start
blaiming me.
That sound very unprofessional to me, it makes me even wonder about their
knowledge about linux. Or are they setting up their servers using a book like
‘Linux for Dummies’

I was about to write a letter, but i don’t, i am too pissed off, and I would
only make think worse if i did.

One post in dutch again… cause i just don’t know how to translate one word :S “Stage”

Dus net gespek gehad met Eussen, de leraar van school die over de stage gaat, dus op gesprek … kreeg ze erover, heb nog geen stage verslag … ja ik weet het, het had al lang af moeten zijn, had heb bijna af en toen laten liggen, nooit zin erin, je weet wel, je begint, en dan zit je voor die computer, en dan hoor je een geluidje van ICQ of MSN Messenger, en na het gesprek ga je neit terug naar het verslag, maar ga je wat anders doen, forum kijken of zo, maar niet terug naar het stage verslag… ik heb nu twee weken om die zooi af te maken … nog een verhaal erom lullen, blah blah blah blah erbij en inleveren, dan is Eussen weer stil :P …

Maja, ik zit hier dus nog steeds op mijn stage, en ik denk dat ik maar weer eens terug aan het werk ga :P …

Today we went to Margraten, to the American Cementairy
( that is the word is it ? ).
The same place where Bush was last week.
Like every year, we go there and bring flowers,
just put them at random graves.

Think about it, all those Americans,
they died here to bring us freedom.
Freedom we have today, thanks to them.

When Bush was here last week, you should not see
him as the president of war , but as a representation
of the children and grandchildren of the soldiers
that died here, for our freedom.
To the ones who are against Bush : Just for one day,
forget what he did, and think of why he was here.

So, again, a broadcaster is leaving the ORS, and again, for the same reason, the music he wants to broadcast … i just let him a while … but it didn;t work, as it did not before with bassie, now dave also left … i don’t want a commercial sounding station, if you want that, you take your FM radio.
I want a radio station with music, what is not on FM. I think i am going back to hardcore music.

Please vote for the music you want

I am back … just fixed two pc´s at two places…
beleive it or not, they both had the same problem :
bad contacts… At the first PC, it kept rebooting …
I checked the power connectors, and it worked again…
at jean’s place, the pc didn’t see the burner anymore
so i checked the ide cable, and it worked again..

And yesterday before i went to sleep, i checked the
new PC Active
and it has a review of Yellowtab Zeta