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Sorry for the delay. I have been planning to do this for a while, but here it is: A few instructions how to get up a PirateBay proxy. I realise there are tons of these online already. However, some of them are outdated or incomplete. This guide explains how to configure an ArchLinux based Apache installation to run a piratebay proxy.

This site explains some theory about reverse proxies, however, it is outdated, and the mod_xml2enc seems no longer required. I haven’t been able to find this anyways, so knowing you don’t have to look for that, is already the first step.

This article explains a configuration, but is outdated (uses the .org in stead of the .se domain for example) In the comments there is a link to a github project containing an up-to-date configuration. However, this configuration contains some debian-specific stuff, which has to be uncommented in order to run on an ArchLinux installation. It also contains

Install mod_proxy_html from AUR

yaourt -S mod_proxy_html

During my earlier attempt, I confused it with mod_proxy_http, which was the reason my it failed.

Use configuration from:

  • Change the ServerAlias to the desired (sub)domain
  • Uncomment
    Include /etc/apache2/sites-available/rule-*
    as this is specific to a debian configuration.
  • Uncomment Auth stuff to enable public access.

As the configuration is proviced in a rather lenghty file, which some configuration options at top,
you can save it to a reparate file, and include it from httpd-vhosts.conf. Please note the path
is relative to /etc/httpd and not the directory of the current file, so, it would become something like

Include conf/extra/httpd-thepiratebay.conf

Please note: this configuration is not perfect. There are little issues, such as the image on the front page
not being displayed correctly.


P.S. I am way behind on everything, including this blog: I still have to explain how to set up a git repository using gitosis, perhaps write something about gcj, also I am still trying to figure out eiskaltdcpp from AUR, specifically how to tweak the PKGBUILD to build the CLI and DAEMON correctly, and perhaps write something about R. Butttt I have been busy busy busy lately. Sorry to keep you waiting.

As I wanted to configure a mailing list on my server. The most known mailing list is GNU Mailman.. This software is of course available in the ArchLinux repository, but since I run a self-compiled exim, due some specific compile-time options, and a dependency on a MTU from the repository, I’ve also compiled Mailman myself.

./configure –with-cgi-gid=http –with-python=/usr/bin/python2

The option –with-cgi-gid tells the Mailman to webserver is running in group “http”, as the default configuration expect it to run to “nobody”, and to keep the rest of my configuration intact, I have decided to add it to the Mailman compile-time configuration. The other option is the pyton-path, as ArchLinux uses python2 in stead of python as executable name.

Apart from that, I have followed the installation manual except for the SMTP callback part, as my exim things that rule is invalid.

Currently, this has been configured for one domain only. As the installation guide suggests to use multiple installations for multiple domains, I don’t see any problems if I wish to expand this to multiple domains. Just a few tweaks to the configuration files would make that work.

The mailing lists are running on multiple domains now. The only restriction with a single-installation is, that a list name can be used only once across all domains. I have not verified this, but looking at the configuration, it will only match on the list name, and ignore the domain part completely while receiving mail.

I am using the mail configuration, and these modifications to the exim config file don’t appear to cause any trouble.