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So, some more blaat, to day, as i wrote in my
blog yesterday, I went to Brumssun, to Joyce’ place.
As first we went into the city, and later at her place
playing some zelda on the gamecube and stuff.

On my way home, at the trains station in sittard,
I met Tom (aka ZwabberiX) and we talked a bit,
hadn’t seem him in, I guess half a year or somethin’

Anyways, that’s it for now, laters ppl

So, a little update.
Yesterday I went to Maastricht (for international readers : it’s a city)
and bought a cd with classic music, and a dvd night watch.
And well … the reason I went there also, was to get some tea at
“de tuinen” ( a store ) the dragonmix tea. It’s good :P
Also got some fresh roasted coffee and peanuts.

Then today I went to hans, to watch ice age 2, and play some Zelda.
And tomorrow I will go to Joyce, and play some more Zelda :P
But no, I won’t get sush a game console thingie … niemals … never …

So, today I went to Joyce’ place. First we sited the
open doors at some schools, since Joyce is looking
for a new study.
As there was no good movie in the cinema, we decided
to watch a dvd, Howls Moving Castle we wached.

And off course visiting Joyce also involves Randy,
her brother. Well, he’s funny :P

Anyways, we also got the “drop” for Patricks birthday.
And a nice card.

Oh well … that’s it for now, thx for reading.

Yes, it really snows. wow, it seems to be still possible in
this crazt country, snow,

Anyways, the present for Patricks birthday arrived,
and also the other stuff Joyce and I ordered at the
(for international readers (english and german))

So, tomorrow I am going to Joyce, and will also bring the
stuff she ordered, and the present for Patrick.
We ordered stuff together to save on shipping, and we both
ordered for about € 100 :P
I ordered some nice t-shirts like the one i am wearing at
the moment saying “Ik wil de Gulden tereug”
(I want the Guilder back) (The Guilder is the pre-euro
dutch currency) A Dropkick Murphy’s shirt, a nightwish
shirt, and some others.

Also I went to the Bank today to talk about my investments
(aandelen). Got some information but should make an
appointment with a shares consultant sometime next week.
Well … let’s hope I can make some more money.

Yep yep, more money … but well … money on that bank is
not the money to spend. For the money on my other bank,
the money I spend, I am saving for tickets to the usa, for
next summer, so it seems the tickets are € 824
and an hotel for $ 45 per night. Well… as I said, I won’t let
anything stop my trip to the usa, after last years meeting
terribly failed.

When this year started, I made a wish, I wished for the
good things of 2006 to repeat, and the bad things to stay
away. Maybe it’s because of my wish, Liz and me.

Is it really FREEZING the first time this winter?

So, tests weeks are over, tomorrow, prepare
the presentation, the day after tomorrow, do
the presentation, and then rest of the week,
and the next week, free. So, quite nice isn’t it?

I am also downloading Windows Vista (LEGAL!)
from my school. Nice school, free legal microsoft
software, I have now Windows 2000 Professional,
Server and Advanced Server, Windows 2003 Web,
Standard and Enterprise Edition, Windows XP Professional,
both 32 and 64 bit versions, Windows XP Embedded.
And now adding Windows Vista Business Edition to my
list of LEGAL Microsoft Software.

Also, the past days, after the announcement I made last post,
It also made me think a lot the past days, I’m kinda confused.
Thinking also about what happened, one year ago. Still, it’s
quitte different. What I feel for Liz, and what I used to feel
for Julia. Talking to Liz, also brings back memories about
the past year, and it’s just confusing.
The past year, is also the reason why I was hesitating before
I asked her out. I mean, everything went really quick, when
Shanna introduced us, soon after that, we were hugging and
kissing, but asking her out, was still a few days after that,
I was still thinking about, the past year, and about people’s
reactions and stuff. But well … it’s the past … I should let go
of the past, even through that easier said then done. Still
breaking my promise, even through my ex broke hers
long ago, still I feel a little bad about it, but as I said, I
should let go of that past, and look at the future again.

‘nough blaat.

Remember my post on monday, the test I said
I screwed up, I passed it!!! :D
Only a 5,7, but that’s enough :P

(for international readers: in the dutch school system,
grades go from 1 to 10, and to pass you need 5,5 or more.)

Yeah … pretty bad weather in the Netherlands.
A nice hard wind is blowing over our country,
but off course that means delays in the train.
And even, when my train arrived in Sittard,
they announced that all the trains all over the
country wouldn’t go anymore because of the
So lucky me it happened in sittard, since there go
busses from Sittard to Beek, but I had to wait
for another half an hour for the next bus to arrive.

Well … earlier today, I had my last test. So, all
tests are done, so I went to the pub with some
of my classmates to celebrate the tests are over.
Like we always do after the tests. So that’s what
happened today,

now an announcement about the day before yesterday.
16 january 2007, the date was. That was when I asked
Liz ‘out’ ( or however to say it ) Anyways, so what I am
saying is, I do have a gf again. And, yes, I know, I am
insane, again, she is from the USA.

Yeah …. I screwed up. My test, the one I did yesterday,
totally screwed it up :S
Far too less time to finish it, only made about half of the
questions, and it seems I also made some mistakes,
so, I am screwed.
But well … PRS is also the most nonsense class there is
at my school. Class? The teacher doesn’t even teach us
anything. Just write some bullshit reports about
practicums that don’t work, so just a report like
“It didn’t work because the ………. was broken”
And then we have a test about that bullshit.
Just … that first question … we had to draw some
shit, based upon some code… that drawing took
almost all the time I got.

Well … just wish me luck about my other tests.
But that shouldn’t be that much of a problem,
because the other teachers do teach.

Anyways, that’s it for now. Thanks for reading agian,

Lots of stuff on my head.

School project program. Trying to get it play sound.
Almost working, computer crash, and off course i didn’t save.
And I can’t get it working again damnit. It’s cursed.
Well, apart from that, tests next week. But that’s nothing
to worry about.
And some more stuff, but I will mention that some other time.