So, a little update on what’s going on in my life.
I’ve finished all my tests, and got the resutls.
My BC3 ( Coding in Borland C++ ) test was only
5,3. And my other test about Operating Systems
was a 8,0. So the seccond test was nice. As for the
project, it will be something between 7,0 and 7,5.
But that’s not decided yet.
Tomorrow I will go to school to have the interview
for the next project. My teacher is playing a swedish
person. Too bad I don’t know any swedish, would have
been funny to start talking to him in swedish. I once
downloaded some learn swedish thing on the internet
but lazy me started procrastinating again.
So no speaking swedish for me tomorrow. But it would
have been funny, gehehe.

Oh well … that for school stuff. There are some more things
on my mind right now, but not going to tell ya yet.
Wanna know? Gehehehe. Nope, I won’t tell ya!!! lol

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