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An update on my anime:

Anime I am watching atm:

Name Episode
Rurouni Kenshin 24
Bleach 8
Jigoku Shoujo 5
Death Note 26
D. Gray-man 6

Anime I finished watching:

Angel’s Feather
Full Moon wo Sagashite
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
D.N. Angel

I went to the city hall to request a new passport,
since my passport will expire 3 may.
A week ago I went to the photogapher to get
passphotos. All the new rules and shit.
No smile, no glasses, and stuff.
Just to make it easier for computers to reconise.
Anyways the passport costs € 47,10 and it
will be ready next week friday.

I spend some time on trying to repair the dvd burner.
I tightend the spring, now it doesn’t slip but the engine
is slipping, so sure it’s trying to move beyond it’s possible
moving range, so I suppose it is for some reason unable
to determine it’s current position correctly.
That’s what I was affraid of, I can see no way how
it detects it current lens position, so I don’t know
how to fix this.

One of my dvd burners broke down. I contacted BenQ,
but my warrenty expired and so they won’t repair it.

It’s broken, no warrenty, they won’t repair it, so I decided
to take a screwdriver and open the thing, and look for the

Inside the drive, top:

Inside the drive, bottom:

And finally the problem:

You see the white plastic part, and the copper part.
They are supposed to move the lens, but it’s slipping.
In the hole in the plastic part, you see a spring, it’s used
to press the plasic part against the copper part,
either that spring is worn out, or the plastic part is.

Soooo…. now I know what’s wrong,
I still have to figure out how to fix it.
A new drive is cheap nowadays,
but i just like to try to fix it for fun.