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Wednesday i want to Benoit’s birthday lan party,
A late birthday lan party, cause his birthday was last friday,
but one of the ppl who were invited could not come at friday.
So well … wednesday it went late .. and then we came with the
idea to stay sleep there.
Well and it went to 5 AM before we started sleeping,
except for one of them, didn’t catch his name, cause all he
did was sleeping.
The neighboars there had an unprotected WLAN network, but i
had to go outside to get acces, the signal was too weak,
they are really stupid, they even left the router’s password blank.
So we send them some net send messages, till the kid went over to
see who was ‘hacking’ him.
and even more but i am too lazy to write everything down here.

Yesterday they called, i should get my laptop monday,
guess what, they delivered it today already :)

The preinstalled windows installation is very clean, only usefull software, no shit like realplayer, so there is no need to reinstall it :)

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I just got a phone call : I am getting my new laptop next monday !!

( It is an Asus Z92G )

My school made an offer to buy a cheap good laptop … i am buying that one, and not the powerbook i was going to buy …

Well, the new laptop can run Zeta ;)
I will format it anyway, cause preinstalled installations always suck … slow anti virus programs like norton, other shit like RealPlayer etc…

An other reason for buying a x86 laptop it the programming of microprocessor cards..
Cause that is something i will do sometime the next years at school … and to interface it, they supply off course windows software …

Can’t I even go to the Makado Shopping Center ? …

I was looking at some dvd’s .. and there is Rinaldo … I hate him … Annoying kid … Thinks he is my friend … and he kept following me like a dog … the only way to get rid of him was to go home …

so i wait for a while and then go back to the makado …


Yesterday i got my certificate … and i got a [ translation ? nl : oorkonde ]


First we had to listen for an hour to speaches. Then our class went to an other room. There our teachures had a presentation. Ramackers had a presentaion with some stories about some students … like Vickey .. we locked him up at the roof when we went out of the window to smoke ! and some more thing what happened … like the last day at school … we had beer in the class …

A demonstration of one of the projects a group made. A light show .
( but the software was made by me … :P at least the base … Martijn expanded the program )

After that three students got a [ translation ? nl : oorkonde ] ( one for me :P )
and finally the certificates …
and then down to drink a beer … and then we went to the pub.


I went back to my elementary school. A teachure was leaving after 40 years.
So there was a reception. Most of my teachures where there …

and now i am going to eat something, and then go to my current school,
to get my certificate.