The post I made earlier today.
After reboot it appeared there was even more
damage to the system, at first, the gnome login
was replaced by an ugly default login, not a problem
but after logging in the desktop didn’t work.
Tried to reinstall it, without success…

file /usr/lib/ from install of libgnome-window-settings1-2.18.0-4mdv2007.1 conflicts with file from package libgnome-main-menu_0-0.6.3-1mdv2007.1

file /etc/gconf/schemas/control-center.schemas from install of gnome-control-center-2.18.0-4mdv2007.1 conflicts with file from package gnome-main-menu-0.6.3-1mdv2007.1

Another day wasted to linux, I will have to reïnstall it all.

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