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Ik woon nu enkele maanden in Eindhoven, en ik

realiseerde me dat ik nog niet bij een huisarts
sta ingeschreven. Dus ik dacht van ik ga dat maar
eens even regelen. Dichtsbijzijnde huisarts, Prinsejagt,
neemt momenteel geen patienten aan, de huisartenpraktijk
Woensel ook niet, Dus, dan is de Parade de huisarts het
dichtste in de buurt, en volgens google maps is dat
drie kwartier lopen. Dus niet even om te voet heen
te gaan.
Maar goed, beter iets dan niets, zeg ik maar, ik ben
toch niet van plan om ziek te worden of zo, maar ja
je kunt het maar beter geregeld hebben,
en in juni neemt Prinsejagt weer patienten aan, en
dan schrijf ik me om, dat is maar 10 minuten lopen,
das te doen, te voet :P

So, today, I picked up my new modem at 4launch.

They opened their shop at 3 PM, and so I arrived
at the closest busstop just before 3 and walked
to the shop. Soooo…. I got my modem! yaaay!
Back home, I flashed the beta IPv6 firmware,
entered my account info, and it connected.
Native IPv6 seemed to work, on the first look.
But, looking closer, it turned out that my DSL
connection was only running at 2 Mbit, while it
is supposed to be 4 Mbit. My line speed was
only half what it was supposed to be.
Then, I tried to register my DECT phone, since
the Fritz!Box 7270 also supports DECT. For
some reason, it doesn’ t want to connect to
my Fritz!Box…
But, that’s not all… after a while… my modem
rebooted itself… and not only once, it kept
rebooting randomly.
So, no native IPv6 for me yet.
Let’s hope a firmware upgrade solves these
For now, back on my old modem and my old IPv6 tunnel.

So, a little story about my DreamBox. As you might know,

I recently moved to Eindhoven. My DreamBox DM-7000S
still sits in Beek, at my uncle and aunt’s place. This linux based
sattelite receiver contains a hard disk and ethernet port ;) so,
it’s connected to the internet. It’s running the PLi image nowadays.
( ) I have used different images in the
past, but nowadays, it runs Pli. The Pli software also includes a
chttpd web server and a dropbear ssh server.
I have set up some port forwardings so I can access my box over
the internet ;)
So, on saturday, Doctor Who is aired on the BBC. I have programmed
the dreambox to record this. So, all I have to do is download it, right?
Well.. apearently not. The chttpd just went 404- File not found. The
f*cking file is there!!!! But after some trials, it turned out the chttpd
cannot serve large files. So, I have to split the files.
Remember, this is an embedded linux machine with busybox and so,
and it seems, the split command is not supported. So, I am splitting
the files using dd ;)
Splitting it into files, 1 GB is size:
dd if=Doctor_Who_-_10_04_10.ts of=1.ts count=1000 bs=1M
dd if=Doctor_Who_-_10_04_10.ts of=2.ts count=1000 bs=1M skip=1000
dd if=Doctor_Who_-_10_04_10.ts of=3.ts count=1000 bs=1M skip=2000
Well…. I hope it works. Lol. I am late. Broadcast was saturday. I started trying to download it last night, but I needed my sleep, so I am only downloading it now to my laptop here in Eindhoven.