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It’s friday. The first week of classes after the exam period
has almost finished. I’m still waiting for the results though,
so I don’t know yet if I passed my exams. So, now, I’ve
started taking the statistics classes again. Another subject
I didn’t pass last time. Also, this class, Bob is taking it
too. I’m glad to have a subject together with him again.
And I like to be explaining questions, you know.

So, now, I am waiting to see if I passed linear algebra
and basic math. This is the 2nd time I took those
exams. I really hope I passed them, because if not,
I will only have once chance left to pass them. Ugh!

Logic and Databases, those exams were just intermediate
exams. Not everything is lost yet if I didn’t pass those,
but I will have to get better grades on the final exams.
So, it would be best if I passed those as well, but
the time for the databases exam was short, and the
logic exam was tougher then the older exams,
even though the teacher denies this, it seems many
other students agree with me.

But this quartile, it’s not only retakes of subjects I
failed half a year ago, I’m also taking a new subject.
Philisophy of Science. I had the first class yesterday.
I like the subject so far. Much better then those boring
math subject. Maybe Philosophy suits me better then
Science after all. Maybe…. maybe…. but yeah… isn’t
it what I have mentioned before? And the reason why
I did study computer science courses? Oh well…

I must say, I think this Operating System
is slow as shit. I am used to ArchLinux,
that is responsive on my machine. But
OpenIndiana is slow, even when I compare
it to that Microsoft OS.

Another problem I showed up was running
low on Swap space. During installation, I was
only asked for one partition. Since this is a
Solaris OS, it created slices within this

It turned out, it was using only a swap
of 512 MB, while my system has 1024 MB
of physical memory available.

A quick google told me, resizing the swap
can be done on the fly.
This solved the out of memory problems
I was experiencing in the packet manager.

Still, the OS responses slowly, and the
pre-compiled software availability is
rather low (compared to an Linux distro)

Some more software is available from but it seems
there is outdated software in on there.
For example vlc version 0.8.6f, which
appearently has problem with the playback
of the MPEG4 codec. It’s not the video
output since videos using the h264 codec
have correct playback.

I was thinking about compiling the current
version of VLC for my OpenIndiana, but I’ m
note sure, this Operating System feels so
unresponsive that it’s no fun anymore.

Hello from OpenIndiana. I am going to type
my post about my experiences with OpenIndiana
again. Yesterday I managed to crash my system,
and appearently’s auto safe function
doesn’t function on the Opera browser. So. I’m
typing my post again using Firefox, just to be
on the safe side ;)

So, yesterday, I discovered there was still an
unpartitionised hard disk sitting in my computer.
I totally forgot I installed that thing a couple of
months ago. Soooo…. free disk space!!!! What
do do with it?? Install another Operating System!!!

The Operating System of choise was OpenIndiana
( I’ve noticed a bug in the
installation program. The installation program
seemed frozen while it was scanning for disks.
I noticed the floppy drive led was on, so I assumed
it was scanning that drive for disks. I guess I was
right, since as soon as I inserted a floppy, the
intstallation program continued. Installation took
up about an hour.

After booting my freshly installed OpenIndiana
and logging in. I had a nice gnome desktop on
my screen. Firefox and Thunderbird were
preinstalled, so, let’ s surf the web. Soon firefox
popped up a message about missing flash plugin.
It tried to install the plugin automatically, but failed.
So, manual installation. There is an official Adobe
Flash plugin for Solaris, so downloading that one,
it turned out, it was an archive containing the plain
.so plugin file. No package. Copying the file to the
firefox plugin directory and Flash worked.

Next thing to do, my data. As I’ve discussed before,
my external hard disks use the ext3 file system.
It seems there is no ‘out-of-the-box’  support for
it, and there is no driver in the repository. A quick
google found me this page:
and it worked great.

Well…. we’ve got firefox, let’s try a different browser.
Surfing to and heading to the
downloads section. It displays a message Solaris
is no longer supported, and version 10.11 is the
latest available version. Okay, it’s not new,10.63
is the current version, and version 11 alpha is
already availble, but still… let’s download the thing.
It seems, Opera did create a package of the program.
Installing went without a problem. The only thing
to mention is, it didn’t install itself in the menu,
I had to create the entry manually.

Okay…. what else? I still have some partitions
on my internal hard disk using the ntfs file system.
So, looking for ntfs-3g. Again, not in the repository.
A quick google found me this
and, me, just reading half of the first post, headed
over to and downloaded
the fuse and ntfs-3g packages and installed them.
Installation went fine, but on attempting to
mount an ntfs partition, the system froze.
(This is the point where I lost my post yesterday.)

Reading a bit down on the page, it seems, the
system crash problem has occured by other
users as well, and it seems, I should use a
the fuse version from

But now, removing the ‘bad’ version of fuse?
It doesn’t want to leave my system.

pkgrm SUNWlibfuse SUNWfusefs
The following package is currently installed:
SUNWlibfuse FUSE library and utilites
(i386) 2.7.1 (2b58364d0997)
Do you want to remove this package? [y,n,?,q] y

## Removing installed package instance
(A previous attempt may have been unsuccessful.)

This package contains scripts which will be executed with super-user
permission during the process of removing this package.

Do you want to continue with the removal of this package [y,n,?,q] y
## Verifying package
dependencies in global zone
## Processing package information.
## Executing preremove script.
## Removing pathnames in class
## Updating system information.

Removal of
partially failed.

There is 1 more package to be removed.

Do you want to continue with package removal? [y,n,?,q] y

The following package is currently installed:
SUNWfusefs FUSE kernel module
(i386) 94e1bb59cf91

Do you want to remove this package? [y,n,?,q] y

## Removing installed package instance
(A previous attempt may have been unsuccessful.)

This package contains scripts which will be executed with super-user
permission during the process of removing this package.

Do you want to continue with the removal of this package [y,n,?,q] y
## Verifying package
dependencies in global zone
package depends on the package
currently being removed.
Dependency checking failed.

Do you want to continue with the removal of this package [y,n,?,q] y
## Processing package information.
## Executing preremove script.
Driver (fuse) not installed.
pkgrm: ERROR: preremove script did not complete successfully

Removal of failed.

Oh great, it cannot remove fuse because it’s
not installed? Well then, install that other
version? no?

# pkgadd -d SUNWfusefs
The following packages are available:
1 SUNWfusefs FUSE kernel module
(i86pc) Dev Release 12/03/2009
Select package(s) you wish to process (or ‘all’ to process
all packages). (default: all) [?,??,q]:
Processing package instance from
FUSE kernel module(i86pc) Dev Release 12/03/2009
Current administration requires that a unique instance of the

package be created. However, the maximum number of
instances of the package which may be supported at one time on the
same system has already been met.

No changes were made to the system.

So, the seccond version doesn’t want to install
because the first, crashy, version doesn’t want
to leave the system.

Remember my old Asus Laptop?
That thing, with it’s defects:
broken dvd drive and broken usb ports.

This laptop was running a server here
at my place, until I took it down a few
months ago, when the system got exploited,
(….due me not installing updates….. stupid me…)

(The machine’s networking interface was working
fine, so it’s still fine for a server.)

I haven’t looked into getting the thing running
again after that event. I tried to backup it’s data
before, using an USB-IDE adapter, but it seems,
my adapter isn’t working correctly either.

A while ago, I moved some of my old computer
equipment to my place in Eindhoven. That equipment
contained a machine that used a 2,5″ disk with an
adapter for regular IDE cable (and a bracket…)

So…. now I’ve hooked up the laptop’s HD to my
desktop machine, and I am creating an image of that

After that’s done, I might want to look into preparing
that disk to be placed back in the laptop. So, I might
want to prepare that disk for OS installation.

As I mentioned, the machine has USB problems. It seems,
doesn’t work most of the times, but sometimes it does. I
guess that’s how I was able to install it last time… but now,
when I try to boot a live cd, it seems, the BIOS can see the
USB DVD Drive, but the OS reports USB errors while
trying to enumerating the device.

As you’ve noticed from my posts the past weeks,
I’ve been busy developing a new site.

I’ve almost, well… not almost, I’ve been working
on this like possessed. I’ve obsessive coding on this,
like starting even during breakfast.
It would have been wiser to spend my time on
studying, but I was obsessed with my project.

I knew this wasn’t a good this, obsessed like I
was, but for the moment, working on the
project, seeing the results, that’s something
that makes me feel good. But I know I would
have to ‘pay the prize’ later. I knew, when I
get into that obsessive coding stage for too
long, it would backfire on me. I knew it would
make me feel worse then before, I knew it
would make me feel even lonelier then before.

Loneliness is something that’s been haunting me
all my life. Well… maybe… since 2005. It’s not
that I wasn’t alone before 2005, but I’ve changed,
somewhen in 2005. Before 2005 it didn’t bother
me, but since 2005 it does. I hate this feeling.
Being lonely.

I feel like there are only few people I can relate
to. I only know a few people who, I think, feel and
think like me. People who I actually enjoy talking to.
People who I enjoy listening to. People who can
make me feel better, people who can take this
loneliness away for a while. Unfortunately, none
of these people lives near me. And I haven’t been
albe to talk to them in a while.

I wish I knew more people like that. I wish they
would live here in the same city as I do. I wish
I didn’t feel this lonely. I want to be happy.
Is that too much to ask?