Finally it’s may vacation. One free week.
And monday it’s queens day here in the Netherlands.

Also, at school we started the new project with
our teacher playing the swedish person. I suppose
I told this before but well.

I placed the disk from my usb ide case in my laptop
and installed linux on it. After installing linux
I tried to install windows xp on a 2nd parition,
but windows is compaining about the parition layout
not being windows compatible. Turned out that i
created an extended partition in stead of a primary.
I should have used the expert mode in DiskDrake to
select primary or extended while creating the partion.

Wednesday I will be going to the circus with Joyce
(and i hope Randy as well) and thursday or friday
Hans and I will be going to visit Chloé. We haven’t
seen her place yet, so we’re going to visit.

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