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Sooo…. as my facebook friends might
already know through my status updates,
I am at my dad’s place, in Point, a town
near Munich.

So, I arrived here last sunday, and I will
leave next sunday, since my classes start
again on monday.

So, monday we (My dad, Yolande and me) went
to the botanic garden (Botanischer Garten)
and Nymphenburg castle. I have uploaded
photos to Facebook and MyOpera. I guess
I’ll upload them to Hyves as well.

I’ve made some more photos in Munich
yesterday, but I will upload them later.

I am using my dads laptop now. He’s using
an UMTS modem, since there is no fixed
line possible where he lives.

I can’t use my own internet now, since I
am already through my roaming data limit.
Yeah, that new european law that limits the
maximal costs for roaming data traffic kicked


So, it seems I can get a free valid signed SSL certificate

It should be working now on
No more nagging about self-signed certificate and so.

Well… now… my little problem the site caused.
As it uses a personal SSL certificate for logging in. As I
signed up to this site using Chrome on Linux, it installed
this certificate into Chrome. Bad bad Chrome, it didn’t
ask for my permission!
But that’s not the problem yet…. the problem is backupping it.

Chrome for Linux doesn’t appear to have a certificate
management tool build in. All it does it refer to this site

Well…. after looking around a bit I found
a GUI tool for managing Mozilla style certificate databases

And so, I have been able to back up the file, still I think
Google should integrate such a tool into their browser.

Nice to use open standards for storing your certificated,
I mean, it’s a great decision. But having to use an external
tool to manage your certificates is not optimal.