Well… as I mentioned before, a while back I has some issues with my dedicated server, that it kept rebooting. Well… it stopped doing so, and was running stable for a while, right? In the meantime, I hadn’t heard a word from OVH, not a single word. So yesterday night, when I was at stack I decided to log in, and transfer a few files. I was going to ask for some backup storage space to make a full backup of that server and re-install it, just to exclude software related issues. Keep in mind 13 December 2010, the server rebooted twice at night, for no apparent reason. I had contacted OVH about this and they said it wasn’t their doing.

Well… so yesterday night, I was logging in. I hadn’t noticed it rebooted anymore, and I thought it was stable. Good, so I ssh to the server, and it prompts me to enter my password, right? That’s what you expect to happen. So I enter my password, and nothing happens anymore. The server was down again. What the fuck. I think here we go again…. but the server didn’t come back up…. tried to connect to it a few times yesterday night.

So, today, I check my email. And what does it say…

U heeft zojuist Ingeschreven voor een dedicated server bij OVH en wij danken u voor het vertrouwen dat u in ons stelt.
U vind bijgevoegd de verbindingsinstellingen voor uw server

“Thank you for signing up” what the fuck. So… it seems they just installed a blank image on there. All my data is GONE. foetsie! weg! moved to /dev/null

First, they don’t give a reasonable reply to my support question, and then they just WIPE the server. I don’t call this a good customer service, or is that just me?