We’ve completed yet another lap around the sun. The year of 2022 has come to an end. A year in which the unimaginable has happened: Russia started a war on European soil. They’ve invaded Ukraine. Right after this pandemic, we have war. Really, the 2020’s are a great time to be alive. Oh well…

As I’ve mentioned in last years review, I quit at Manus last year, and I’ve been working at Spinnov for a year now. What else is new? 2022 has also been the year I’ve started role playing. Also, this past year I’ve gotten to know my neighbour a little better.

So, this was 2022. Let’s hope 2023 brings peace. While I say, the war in Ukraine doesn’t affect my life much, I mean, the electricity grid is stable, the supermarkets are stocked, perhaps the only thing noticeable is the price tag. But all-in-all, nothing has happened that disrupts our lives. But the war is in the news, and maybe we don’t think about it all the time, it still is in the back of our minds. I once read in my mother’s diary, a scared girl, scared the Russians were coming. Is this what it felt like living during the cold war? What will happen next? Will we be able to continue to live our “normal” lives? Will the war end? And what happens then? Let’s hope 2023 brings peace, let’s hope covid doesn’t return. Let’s hope. — I am just being me, caught between hope and despair —

Peace and Love, happy 2023!