So, my migration to Linux. So I had this 100 GB 2.5″
hard disk in an external case, and 60 GB in my laptop.
Now I moved all the stuff on the 100 GB disk to
somewere on my desktop computers hard disk,
and swapped the disks. So I have now a 100 GB
hard disk in my laptop, and installed linux on it.
So, I have Mandriva Linux Spring 2007 Free
and Microsoft Windows XP Professional,
both a fresh installation, at my laptop now.
And a data partition. I put my firefox and
thunderbird data directories on the shared
partition, so now i share the same setting in both
windows and linux. All my emails and bookmarks
are the same, not depending on the OS I booted.
That’s nice.

Also, I’ve seen the car my uncle bought. He bought
a 3 year old Mercedes. Even though his Renault is
only 4 years old, There is an other reason for him
to buy that car. Nicole got an accident with her car
last sunday, the car is damaged beyond repair,
so Nicole and Daan will buy the Renault and my
uncle buys the Mercedes. A black one it is. Cools!
I get to drive in it ^^ The Mercedes!

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