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So, I bought that USB Bluetooth stick at the easter marked.
That thing is a disaster. It just refuses to work, giving error code 43,
when using microsoft driver, and a license error when using the widcomm driver

First problem the VID/PID doesn’t list in the standard inf files
(VID 0A5C, PID 2035 )
but after editing those, it installs, but then the errors mentioned above show up.
Also the BlueSoleil bluetooth drivers don’t work. So I can’t get this
damn thing to work.

Hehe today it’s the easter marked
already went this moring and ate some reibe kuchen.
lol that’s the reason I go there lol.
Later I will go again for some currywurst. gehehehe
also went back with a broken mmc card I bought at
the christmas marked. Also bought a bluetooth stick
and a 3-way-scart-connector.
Anyways I should have my tv repaired, it has crappy
sound, and that already for over a year lol.

Today, I was supposed to write a happy post,
something saying “Life is great, isn’t it”
That was written on a T-shirt, 1½ year ago,
back at the introductions of my new school.
Back then, I was screaming inside “NOT TRUE”
but nowadays I think it is, great, not perfect,
perfect doesn’t exsist, and there are a lot of things
I wish were different, but still… life is great.

Still, now, today, there is something bothering me,
making me kinda sad and worried. It’s my uncle.
He’s been in a weird mood today, saying things to
both my aunt and me like “Things are youing to change,
I’ll deal with both of you.” Frightning isn’t it?
My uncle, I’m worried about him. He’s acting weird
lately. Like he’s paranoid. Having the bath
rooms door closed at night so a thief wouldn’t be able
to look inside, and stuff like that. It’s not normal,
and besided, our bathroom borders no street walls,
and that place youget there through the house, so, it
just doesn’t make sense. And next to that the things
he said today, it makes me sad and worried. It seems
he doesn’t trust anyone, thinks everyone is against him, and
he thinks only his ways are the right ways, if you
do something different then he would do, in his eyes
you’re stupid then, and stuff like that. If you don’t
completely agree with him, you’re against him, he thinks.

Maybe I should move out, I suppose I should, can’t
stay living in a place like this. My uncles behaviour
against us (my aunt and me) has been worse in the
past, and his behavoir to me in the past is the reason
I turned into a shy, introverted person. Because he
always shouted at me, saying bad things about my
family, and also the reason I was depressed a year

So, I suppose, I should move out… but… Can I really?
Can I just leave my aunt alone with him?
What am I supposed to do?

Anime I am watching atm:

Name Episode
Rurouni Kenshin 18
D.N. Angel 23
Bleach 8
Jigoku Shoujo 5
Death Note 9
D. Gray-man 3
Gravitation 3

Anime I finished watching:

Angel’s Feather
Full Moon wo Sagashite
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Oh yeah, especially Death Note is good, really addicting,
wanting to watch all episodes at once. hehehe.

I was about to write about the snow this morning,
last week it was 17 *C, but this morning, when I woke
up and watched out of the window, i saw snow.
wtf! It snowed tonight!

But, when I went to school, I had train problems, an accident
happened between Weert and Eindhoven, causing the train
not to go farther then Weert, and me being at school at 10.30
in stead of 9.30. Fucking NS!!!!!

So, yesterday, I had no school and went over at hans’ place.
So first we placed some games at the old Nintendo NES.
The original Zelda game. I have a talent for dieing. lol.
and some other games. And later twilight princes at the
gamecube. Amazing how much the technology changed in
the past 15 years. Then, I wonder what technology we’ll
have 15 years from now.

Technology is changing fast, in computers, game consoles,
how not so long ago a video recorder was quitte normal,
now it’s the DVD recorder, and the successors of the
DVD are already available.

New technologies, makes many people forget about the old.
But I think sush an old NES is still as much fun as a Gamecube.
It’s not all about the better graphics and stuff, it’s also about
the gameplay, wich is quitte different, a complete different style,
that’s also forgotten in our modern world of 3D graphics.

Also the Personal Computer has undergone quitte a lot of changes
in the past years. Faster, more powerfull, but also the designs changed.
And in the next years, they will change more. Even more customisele then
they are already. The structure design will change, and ‘fix’ the think
what has been ‘wrong’ in the past years, ever since the 3dfx card.
A 3d-accelerator, a GPU, being at a PCI, later AGP, or even more recent
PCI-X-16x card, moving to the processor bus, being places like a co-processor,
like back in the pre-486 days, you could add a math co-processor.

Today, I got a letter from my bank, the rabobank,
with an offer for a cell phone contract. So, in 2007
banks offer cell phone contracts? Insanity!
What’s next, a bank account at a phone company?

Well … a few years ago Albert Heijn, a super marked,
they offered a saving account, but they had to stop
doing so because of legal reasons. So, I wonder,
how legal is it for a bank to offer cell phone contracts?

A bank is for money, not for phones. It’s insane!

I just spend 3½ coding at my school project.
Was quitte a while ago since I coded something.
Should write some more code again soon, I think.
Forgot how much fun it was ^^ meh

Another sunny day today, it has been sunny all week.
The thermometer at the Rabobank in Eindhoven even
pointed at 17 *C.
Much better then the rain of past week.
Since the lesson this afternoon was cancelled, Hans and I
recided to walk on the terrain of the Technical University Eindhoven.
On their Terrain there are also some building beloning to the
Fontys College, and we went to visit them as well. We could just
log in to the computers there with our password, and acces all
files on our account, it makes no difference in what building within
the fontys college you are. It’s a nice system, but it has a few flaws,
It’s easy to exploit a feature in their system to gain Administrator
acces on your local machine for example, but I think I explained
that security leak before, didn’t I?

Also at the University Terrain, we saw this Nitrogen Tank, with
all ice on it.

Also something I haven’t mentioned yet about last friday, I was in Sittard to return
Bouteina’s broken modem to the computer store, I had to cook, so I went to the
Albert Heyn to buy some ingredients. At the door there was a man, he asked me
a light, so I lit his sigratte, and well like that we started talking for about an hour.
Turned out his name was André too. Weird hehehehe.

Meh, I just went to the dentist. I left school early to
go to the dentist, and mailed my teacher (Margot Plegt,
communications teacher) that I wound be at the dentist.
She mailed me back ‘sterkte’ (good luck) Gehehe.
But why does that dentist have to live all over at Hulsberg.
Have to drive a 20 minutes to get there.

Oh well … that’s it for now.
lol yeah for weeks I am thinking about writing a more serious
post, but it seems to stay with thought, not being able to write
them out clear. Maybe I should make a 2nd themed blog,
for that kind of stuff, or just post it here? what do you think,
next to that, maybe I should also post a dutch blog over here
at blogspot. the site, ever since they renewed it,
it sucks hard, this google blog is so easy to use compared to that.