So, yesterday, I had no school and went over at hans’ place.
So first we placed some games at the old Nintendo NES.
The original Zelda game. I have a talent for dieing. lol.
and some other games. And later twilight princes at the
gamecube. Amazing how much the technology changed in
the past 15 years. Then, I wonder what technology we’ll
have 15 years from now.

Technology is changing fast, in computers, game consoles,
how not so long ago a video recorder was quitte normal,
now it’s the DVD recorder, and the successors of the
DVD are already available.

New technologies, makes many people forget about the old.
But I think sush an old NES is still as much fun as a Gamecube.
It’s not all about the better graphics and stuff, it’s also about
the gameplay, wich is quitte different, a complete different style,
that’s also forgotten in our modern world of 3D graphics.

Also the Personal Computer has undergone quitte a lot of changes
in the past years. Faster, more powerfull, but also the designs changed.
And in the next years, they will change more. Even more customisele then
they are already. The structure design will change, and ‘fix’ the think
what has been ‘wrong’ in the past years, ever since the 3dfx card.
A 3d-accelerator, a GPU, being at a PCI, later AGP, or even more recent
PCI-X-16x card, moving to the processor bus, being places like a co-processor,
like back in the pre-486 days, you could add a math co-processor.

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