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Hehe, I’m watching some anime again. Kenshin episode 19 now.
Yesterday I watched some D.N. Angel episodes, and I am
downloading Bleach, Ergo Proxy, Jigoku Shouju and .hack//twilight.
Oh man, I need a few more hard disks ^_^ hehehe

Yeah, I’m now watching a lot of anime, but well, there was a time
I didn’t care about anime. It all started when Fadem (@blaatschaap)
posted a link to Full Moon wo Sagashite, that was the first anime I
watched, and well … I liked it, and that started me watching anime.
Noein, a nice anime, and I watched 132 episodes of Sailor Moon,
but that’s too childish I guess, but my ex, Julia recommened that,
kinda stopped watching it when we broke up, but well, maybe I will
watch the other episodes some day, hehe didn’t download them just
to sit on my hard disk, and as I said, I need some more of those lol.

.hack//roots, also a nice anime, with plays inside a computer game,
a virtual word, also nice, so that’s why I’m downloading other animes
( or what’s the plural of anime … ) out the .hack// series.
I’ve downloaded( but not watched yet ) .hack//sign
and now downloading .hack//twilight as mentioned above.

Hehe, so today, hans and me were at school standing
at the open house. Presenting our audio/dsp-projects
we made last quartal.
It was fun and answering questions of the people;
demonstrating hans’ piano and sound effect, pretty cool.

Yeah …. that’s how The Beatles are supposed to be listened to.
Yesterday, at Hans’ place.
Found an old band recorder and record player.
Good Old Technology. Too bad it’s lost in the modern days.
It was kinda disappointing to watch the dvd after listening to that;
too modern. Oh well … and after that dvd I played some more Zelda.


My website, has been upgraded with new cms
software, I’m using phpfox now, the same software
for example uses. So it’s a community orientated cms.
I found the text “Powered by phpfox” on the emoscene website,
so I googled, found their website, saying it’s $ 300. So I say fuck you,
and go to, and download it with a torrent.
for free, like software is supposed to be. :P

Sooo … hope to see you there,