Another sunny day today, it has been sunny all week.
The thermometer at the Rabobank in Eindhoven even
pointed at 17 *C.
Much better then the rain of past week.
Since the lesson this afternoon was cancelled, Hans and I
recided to walk on the terrain of the Technical University Eindhoven.
On their Terrain there are also some building beloning to the
Fontys College, and we went to visit them as well. We could just
log in to the computers there with our password, and acces all
files on our account, it makes no difference in what building within
the fontys college you are. It’s a nice system, but it has a few flaws,
It’s easy to exploit a feature in their system to gain Administrator
acces on your local machine for example, but I think I explained
that security leak before, didn’t I?

Also at the University Terrain, we saw this Nitrogen Tank, with
all ice on it.

Also something I haven’t mentioned yet about last friday, I was in Sittard to return
Bouteina’s broken modem to the computer store, I had to cook, so I went to the
Albert Heyn to buy some ingredients. At the door there was a man, he asked me
a light, so I lit his sigratte, and well like that we started talking for about an hour.
Turned out his name was André too. Weird hehehehe.

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