Today, I was supposed to write a happy post,
something saying “Life is great, isn’t it”
That was written on a T-shirt, 1½ year ago,
back at the introductions of my new school.
Back then, I was screaming inside “NOT TRUE”
but nowadays I think it is, great, not perfect,
perfect doesn’t exsist, and there are a lot of things
I wish were different, but still… life is great.

Still, now, today, there is something bothering me,
making me kinda sad and worried. It’s my uncle.
He’s been in a weird mood today, saying things to
both my aunt and me like “Things are youing to change,
I’ll deal with both of you.” Frightning isn’t it?
My uncle, I’m worried about him. He’s acting weird
lately. Like he’s paranoid. Having the bath
rooms door closed at night so a thief wouldn’t be able
to look inside, and stuff like that. It’s not normal,
and besided, our bathroom borders no street walls,
and that place youget there through the house, so, it
just doesn’t make sense. And next to that the things
he said today, it makes me sad and worried. It seems
he doesn’t trust anyone, thinks everyone is against him, and
he thinks only his ways are the right ways, if you
do something different then he would do, in his eyes
you’re stupid then, and stuff like that. If you don’t
completely agree with him, you’re against him, he thinks.

Maybe I should move out, I suppose I should, can’t
stay living in a place like this. My uncles behaviour
against us (my aunt and me) has been worse in the
past, and his behavoir to me in the past is the reason
I turned into a shy, introverted person. Because he
always shouted at me, saying bad things about my
family, and also the reason I was depressed a year

So, I suppose, I should move out… but… Can I really?
Can I just leave my aunt alone with him?
What am I supposed to do?

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