Meh, I just went to the dentist. I left school early to
go to the dentist, and mailed my teacher (Margot Plegt,
communications teacher) that I wound be at the dentist.
She mailed me back ‘sterkte’ (good luck) Gehehe.
But why does that dentist have to live all over at Hulsberg.
Have to drive a 20 minutes to get there.

Oh well … that’s it for now.
lol yeah for weeks I am thinking about writing a more serious
post, but it seems to stay with thought, not being able to write
them out clear. Maybe I should make a 2nd themed blog,
for that kind of stuff, or just post it here? what do you think,
next to that, maybe I should also post a dutch blog over here
at blogspot. the site, ever since they renewed it,
it sucks hard, this google blog is so easy to use compared to that.

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