Yeah …. I screwed up. My test, the one I did yesterday,
totally screwed it up :S
Far too less time to finish it, only made about half of the
questions, and it seems I also made some mistakes,
so, I am screwed.
But well … PRS is also the most nonsense class there is
at my school. Class? The teacher doesn’t even teach us
anything. Just write some bullshit reports about
practicums that don’t work, so just a report like
“It didn’t work because the ………. was broken”
And then we have a test about that bullshit.
Just … that first question … we had to draw some
shit, based upon some code… that drawing took
almost all the time I got.

Well … just wish me luck about my other tests.
But that shouldn’t be that much of a problem,
because the other teachers do teach.

Anyways, that’s it for now. Thanks for reading agian,

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