Yes, it really snows. wow, it seems to be still possible in
this crazt country, snow,

Anyways, the present for Patricks birthday arrived,
and also the other stuff Joyce and I ordered at the
(for international readers (english and german))

So, tomorrow I am going to Joyce, and will also bring the
stuff she ordered, and the present for Patrick.
We ordered stuff together to save on shipping, and we both
ordered for about € 100 :P
I ordered some nice t-shirts like the one i am wearing at
the moment saying “Ik wil de Gulden tereug”
(I want the Guilder back) (The Guilder is the pre-euro
dutch currency) A Dropkick Murphy’s shirt, a nightwish
shirt, and some others.

Also I went to the Bank today to talk about my investments
(aandelen). Got some information but should make an
appointment with a shares consultant sometime next week.
Well … let’s hope I can make some more money.

Yep yep, more money … but well … money on that bank is
not the money to spend. For the money on my other bank,
the money I spend, I am saving for tickets to the usa, for
next summer, so it seems the tickets are € 824
and an hotel for $ 45 per night. Well… as I said, I won’t let
anything stop my trip to the usa, after last years meeting
terribly failed.

When this year started, I made a wish, I wished for the
good things of 2006 to repeat, and the bad things to stay
away. Maybe it’s because of my wish, Liz and me.

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