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My laptop … yeah … i’m laptopless at the moment.
The stupid thing is in repair AGAIN. It has been
repaired in june, and now it needs repair again,
All my mainboards are ASUS, and never had any
problem with them, but this laptop, also an ASUS,
is nothing but trouble. Last time, the hard disk died,
als I lost all my chatlogs, emails and stuff. Since that
I backup my chatlogs and emails monthly. So they’re
safe. The other thing that broke last time was the
right hinge. This the the left hinge broke. Are they too
stupid to, when they replace the right one, to check the
left one as well. Also my laptop got striped over the screen,
an USB port that seems to ‘float’ between USB 1.1 and 2.0.
Like, sometimes my USB device seems to be connected to
an USB 1.1 controller, and sometimes to 2.0 controlles.
Besides, copying big files to my external hard disk was
impossible, the device reconnects during the transfer,
like it was pulled out and plugged back in again.
And next to that, the sound connected has a bad contact.

So, for the next weeks, I am laptopless. A nightmare at school.
What am I supposed to do during class? ( gehehehe )
But what’s worse, I have to use school computers.
So, when you log in, it AUTOMATICALLY opens an
some kind of script or whatever to send my LOGIN
DATA too all those SITES, using INTERNET EXPLORER.
A security nightmare, maybe I should post my password
right here? Oh well … enouhg rant for now.

Oh well, peoples, Yesterday I didn’t post yet about
what I did with new years.
So it was, I was at Roys place because of his computer.
And while I was there, I asked what he did the night,
so, when he said he was staying home with some friends
I kinda invited myself too. :P :P

So, I went back there at 9 PM and just sat with
Roy and his friends, drinking beer, and eating
melba toasts with cheese and stuff like that,
listening music,

Just look at the movies i made with my phone.
They are crazy/weird/insane/

So, at a few minutes before midnight, we went outside.
Roy had, as he does every year, a lot of fireworks, so
we were outside for an hour.

Oh yeah … it was fun.

( Roy is a friend I knew since we Primairy School. )

And, do you remember one year ago?
That fried outlet is still not fixed yet! lol!
And that’s in a house were an electrician lives.
LOL I am going to fix that myself!!!

So people, this is my first post in the new year.
Happy New Year everyone!!!!!

( Hope you still have all your fingers!!! lol )