So, tests weeks are over, tomorrow, prepare
the presentation, the day after tomorrow, do
the presentation, and then rest of the week,
and the next week, free. So, quite nice isn’t it?

I am also downloading Windows Vista (LEGAL!)
from my school. Nice school, free legal microsoft
software, I have now Windows 2000 Professional,
Server and Advanced Server, Windows 2003 Web,
Standard and Enterprise Edition, Windows XP Professional,
both 32 and 64 bit versions, Windows XP Embedded.
And now adding Windows Vista Business Edition to my
list of LEGAL Microsoft Software.

Also, the past days, after the announcement I made last post,
It also made me think a lot the past days, I’m kinda confused.
Thinking also about what happened, one year ago. Still, it’s
quitte different. What I feel for Liz, and what I used to feel
for Julia. Talking to Liz, also brings back memories about
the past year, and it’s just confusing.
The past year, is also the reason why I was hesitating before
I asked her out. I mean, everything went really quick, when
Shanna introduced us, soon after that, we were hugging and
kissing, but asking her out, was still a few days after that,
I was still thinking about, the past year, and about people’s
reactions and stuff. But well … it’s the past … I should let go
of the past, even through that easier said then done. Still
breaking my promise, even through my ex broke hers
long ago, still I feel a little bad about it, but as I said, I
should let go of that past, and look at the future again.

‘nough blaat.

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