Yeah … pretty bad weather in the Netherlands.
A nice hard wind is blowing over our country,
but off course that means delays in the train.
And even, when my train arrived in Sittard,
they announced that all the trains all over the
country wouldn’t go anymore because of the
So lucky me it happened in sittard, since there go
busses from Sittard to Beek, but I had to wait
for another half an hour for the next bus to arrive.

Well … earlier today, I had my last test. So, all
tests are done, so I went to the pub with some
of my classmates to celebrate the tests are over.
Like we always do after the tests. So that’s what
happened today,

now an announcement about the day before yesterday.
16 january 2007, the date was. That was when I asked
Liz ‘out’ ( or however to say it ) Anyways, so what I am
saying is, I do have a gf again. And, yes, I know, I am
insane, again, she is from the USA.

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