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I wish…
I wish those who are in despair will find new hope.
I wish those who are depressed will find new happiness.
I wish those who are filled with hate find the courage to let it go, learn to love again.
I wish… I wish… for a world in which everyone can be happy, free and independent.
I wish for a world of peace and understanding, a world where people can be themselves.

So, it’s Christmas Eve… time to write my Christmas Blog Post.So, tomorrow it’s Christmas, and what is it all about…

Christmas… a commercial event, tons of presents, a Christmas dinner big enough to feast for a week, is that what Christmas is really about?

Christmas is supposed to be about peace. Peace can only be archived by forgiveness. Forgive others who did you
wrong. Forgive the people who have hurt you. Sometimes they don’t even realise they’re hurting you, simply
because they experience the world differently, because they just can’t understand how you think and feel.
And sometimes, people have been hurt so badly they can’t act differently. So forgive them.

Forgive yourself for all the stupid things you did. Forgive yourself for the times you’ve hurt others. Forgiveness is the key to peace. It’s the only way.

My wishes for Christmas is that everyone can be happy, really, that’s all I wish for, all of you to be happy.

Merry Christmas,
Vrolijk Kerstfeest,
Frohe Weihnachten
God Jul!

Those of you who have been following my blog for years know what my Christmas blog post will be about. I’ve been reading my previous Christmas posts, looking back on what I wrote in previous years, thinking about what my life used to be like, back then.

Christmas… and that fat guy dressed in red… Santa, the symbol of the Commercial holiday Christmas. I have been telling this every year… what makes me sad is seeing Christmas being an economically event. It’s just about the presents, the food, etc. etc.

I plead for a different kind of Christmas. I don’t care about presents or special food, no thanks. What I want for Christmas is that people start caring for each other again.. and not only at Christmas. What I wish for… a new world… a world where everyone can be happy… that’s my dream. I wish people would truly care about each other again, for people to respect each other’s opinions and lifestyles.

I dream of a world without hate. I know what it is like to be done wrong, and I know how easy it is to hate the ones that did you wrong. But I have realised, if I ever want to find peace within myself, I have to forgive. I’ve come to the believe that forgiveness is the only way to peace, not just within me, but in the world as well. Therefore, I ask you, please be forgiving.

I wish for everyone to be happy.  I wish for those who are going through a hard time they’ll find happiness again. For the lonely and depressed, that better times are ahead. For those who spend Christmas alone, either physical or emotional, to find someone that takes away that loneliness. I wish for everyone to be happy.

*hugs* love ya all!

Merry Christmas
God Jul
Vrolijk Kerstfeest

My dear friends, I realise it was been quite a while since I’ve posted anything in my blog. My apologises for not having entertained you for a few months. The past few months, there have been quite some changes, changes which I have primarily been talking about to close friends who were familiar with the situation, and perhaps also to keep it from people who wouldn’t understand.

Anyways, that’s not what this post is about, as the title already suggest, it’s about Christmas, and people who know me for a longer time, can guess what I am about to say, right?

And perhaps, given the circumstances, this message will have even more meaning then it had any other year before.

Anyways, as some of you might already know, I am not religious, and I have little affection with Christianity, even though I have been raised in a Christian environment, so apart from religion, what is Christmas about? Or, rather, what should it be about?

It’s my believe people way too much value in the food they eat during Christmas dinner, too much value about the presents under the Christmas tree. No, my dear friends, what Christmas should be about, what people should be caring about is each other. To be together with your family or close friends. To care about each other. That’s what Christmas should be about. About love and peace.

Merry Christmas my dear friends.

Also a Happy Yule. It’s Yule today after all ;)

*hugs* I love you all.

(And I should start preparing my “review of the year post” as well)

Christmas… yeah, it’s that time of the year again.

What I wish for Christmas? I didn’t ask for any presents.
Some stupid present can’t make me happy. Christmas
has become just some commercial event.

What I wish for Christmas, is for everyone to be happy.
I know, there are too many people out there, who are
not happy. Lonely, depressed. And especially these days,
when the rest of the world seems to be happy, with their
loved ones, it’s even harder.

My little wish, it doesn’t change the world, but still…
I wish, I wish, for everyone to be happy. I wish that
if you’re lonely you’ll find someone to love.

Vrolijk Kerstfeest
Merry Christmas
God Jul

Merry Christmas! God Jul! Vrolijk Kerstfeest! Frohe Weihnachten! Bonne Noël! Hyvää Joulua! Feliz Navidad!

I haven’t been blogging in english lately. So, it’s
Christmas, so I wish everyone a merry christmas.
What else to tell. I quit my job to go to university
in Februari. So, I am going to be a student again ^^
Well… I guess, that’s all for now, merry christmas!!

Merry Christmas to everyone,
but I would like to ask to not only
care about your presents but also
think about peace and love,

Have a great Christmas!!


Soo…. first of all, I am sorry for not blogging
in a long time, but life, mostly school takes up
a lot of my time, and nothing ever happens,
life is boring as hell, just school classes and
project, nothing ever happens,
So, just a few more days, and then it’s
christmas vacation, and christmas….

Because I’ve said this the past two years,
during christmas time, I guess I should tell
you all this, that, I think of Christmas is
getting too much of a commercial event,
lots of food, presents and stuff, lotteries,
and even more. Far away from
our homes, war is still going on, people
are still dying an unnessesairy death.
People are still killing each other for no
appearant reason, just, because it’s war.
I’m dreaming of a world without war,
without hate… please let me dream on,
i don’t want to wake up into this world
of hate… please let me dream some more….

Oh well… then, 28 december there will be
a christmas radio show at www.radio-blaatschaap.nl

SO, I started decorating my room for christmas.
Something I’ve done every year, expect last year.
Because, as my blog readers proberbly know, one
year ago I used to be depressed. But well, this year I am not.

Listening to :
Mud – Lonely this Christmas.
Wham – Last Christmas.

I am not depressed… but still I guess I am a bit lonely,
thinking back about the past year. Well, just wait and see
my readers, about my post next monday, even through
some of you have already read it, for the rest of you,
it will be online monday.

Have fun, cya then

~~ The Laughing Emo ~~

Merry F*cking Christmas …

What happened to christmas ?!?!
Have we all forgotten what christmas it really about?
We eat like we haven’t eaten for weeks,
and in other parst of the world there is real hunger,
We buy present for millions of dollars,
and in other parst of the world, there are people without any money …

Have we forgotten what christmas it supposed to be about?