Soo…. first of all, I am sorry for not blogging
in a long time, but life, mostly school takes up
a lot of my time, and nothing ever happens,
life is boring as hell, just school classes and
project, nothing ever happens,
So, just a few more days, and then it’s
christmas vacation, and christmas….

Because I’ve said this the past two years,
during christmas time, I guess I should tell
you all this, that, I think of Christmas is
getting too much of a commercial event,
lots of food, presents and stuff, lotteries,
and even more. Far away from
our homes, war is still going on, people
are still dying an unnessesairy death.
People are still killing each other for no
appearant reason, just, because it’s war.
I’m dreaming of a world without war,
without hate… please let me dream on,
i don’t want to wake up into this world
of hate… please let me dream some more….

Oh well… then, 28 december there will be
a christmas radio show at

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