Those of you who have been following my blog for years know what my Christmas blog post will be about. I’ve been reading my previous Christmas posts, looking back on what I wrote in previous years, thinking about what my life used to be like, back then.

Christmas… and that fat guy dressed in red… Santa, the symbol of the Commercial holiday Christmas. I have been telling this every year… what makes me sad is seeing Christmas being an economically event. It’s just about the presents, the food, etc. etc.

I plead for a different kind of Christmas. I don’t care about presents or special food, no thanks. What I want for Christmas is that people start caring for each other again.. and not only at Christmas. What I wish for… a new world… a world where everyone can be happy… that’s my dream. I wish people would truly care about each other again, for people to respect each other’s opinions and lifestyles.

I dream of a world without hate. I know what it is like to be done wrong, and I know how easy it is to hate the ones that did you wrong. But I have realised, if I ever want to find peace within myself, I have to forgive. I’ve come to the believe that forgiveness is the only way to peace, not just within me, but in the world as well. Therefore, I ask you, please be forgiving.

I wish for everyone to be happy.  I wish for those who are going through a hard time they’ll find happiness again. For the lonely and depressed, that better times are ahead. For those who spend Christmas alone, either physical or emotional, to find someone that takes away that loneliness. I wish for everyone to be happy.

*hugs* love ya all!

Merry Christmas
God Jul
Vrolijk Kerstfeest

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