So, it’s Christmas Eve… time to write my Christmas Blog Post.So, tomorrow it’s Christmas, and what is it all about…

Christmas… a commercial event, tons of presents, a Christmas dinner big enough to feast for a week, is that what Christmas is really about?

Christmas is supposed to be about peace. Peace can only be archived by forgiveness. Forgive others who did you
wrong. Forgive the people who have hurt you. Sometimes they don’t even realise they’re hurting you, simply
because they experience the world differently, because they just can’t understand how you think and feel.
And sometimes, people have been hurt so badly they can’t act differently. So forgive them.

Forgive yourself for all the stupid things you did. Forgive yourself for the times you’ve hurt others. Forgiveness is the key to peace. It’s the only way.

My wishes for Christmas is that everyone can be happy, really, that’s all I wish for, all of you to be happy.

Merry Christmas,
Vrolijk Kerstfeest,
Frohe Weihnachten
God Jul!

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