Yeah… I kept adding/editing previous post. Even though OpenBSD and NetBSD have a simular packages system. the OpenBSD one is much friendlier, and installing software worked like a charm. On NetBSD however, it’s a pain in the ass…

Like I mentioned, just setting the PKG_PATH is enough to get both working, but the tools pkg_mgr vs pkg_select, a huge difference. First is seemed pkg_select *required* a local copy of the packages database (which  is supposed to be updated through CVS). After some research it seems this is not required, but in FTP mode it’s slow as thick shit. There appear some meta-packages available in the NetBSD repository, but  trying to install them results in an error message regarding the file format being invalid. Really… this does not make a good impression, I’m sorry.

And the thing I’ve mentioned already in 2008. During package installation, it outputs a list of files it writes, but also some messages regarding some settings that should be adjusted manually…. and it just scrolls away as the next package installs…. this is still not changed…. kinda annoying, isn’t it?

Well… finally it appears to be installing something… using the *manually downloaded* bootstrap for the pkgsrc system, which worked “out-of-the-box” for OpenBSD, and I still don’t know how to do a search for a  package that works on this OS.

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