I’ve blogged on this subject a while back,
and I have some more thoughts about
the subject I wish to share.

Opposed to what I said last time, where I
came to a contradiction, when I suggested
that freedom is to do whatever you want,
as this would allow you to restrict others
freedom if you want to.

As, that part of freedom, the interaction
with others is what gave rise to the
contradiction, I would suggest the solution
to be in there as well. Now, I suggest
freedom is allowing others to do what
they want.

So, this means, you need others to be
free. Freedom is something given to you.

Now, I was thinking about how you limit
your own freedom. Well you do so by
caring about what people think about you.
By behaving a certain way in order to be
‘accepted’  rather then doing what you
really desire to do.

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