I bought a video player at the flea market.
Even though I have one, my video player only supports mono playback,
and doesn’t support the LP speed.

In 2002, I recorded the wedding of our crown price Willem Alexender
and Máxima. As the broadcast on TV was longer then 4 hours, it
wouldn’t fit normally on a tape, so I recorded it on the LP speed,
using my uncle’s video recorder.

So, in order to play it, I needed one that does support the LP speed.
So, I bought this recorder at the flea market.

Since I’ve been at my family’s place this weekend, I took the tape
with me, and I decided to try to play it.

And it played back fine, even though the quality was a little low,
so I thought, I need to run a head cleaning tape through the VCR.

After watching a few minutes, rewinded the tape. Suddenly,
after rewinding, the take was ejected, but the tape somehow
got stuck.

After unplugging the VCR I opened it

There you see where it got stuck
Eeps…. doesn’t look like a healthy take anymore!

Back in the box for now… 
Well…. it’s just the introduction part that got damaged… nothing about the event itself yet…
Hmmm…. is there a way to straighten up a crumpled tape?
Lesson learned: use an unimportant tape to test a used VCR.

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