It’s friday. The first week of classes after the exam period
has almost finished. I’m still waiting for the results though,
so I don’t know yet if I passed my exams. So, now, I’ve
started taking the statistics classes again. Another subject
I didn’t pass last time. Also, this class, Bob is taking it
too. I’m glad to have a subject together with him again.
And I like to be explaining questions, you know.

So, now, I am waiting to see if I passed linear algebra
and basic math. This is the 2nd time I took those
exams. I really hope I passed them, because if not,
I will only have once chance left to pass them. Ugh!

Logic and Databases, those exams were just intermediate
exams. Not everything is lost yet if I didn’t pass those,
but I will have to get better grades on the final exams.
So, it would be best if I passed those as well, but
the time for the databases exam was short, and the
logic exam was tougher then the older exams,
even though the teacher denies this, it seems many
other students agree with me.

But this quartile, it’s not only retakes of subjects I
failed half a year ago, I’m also taking a new subject.
Philisophy of Science. I had the first class yesterday.
I like the subject so far. Much better then those boring
math subject. Maybe Philosophy suits me better then
Science after all. Maybe…. maybe…. but yeah… isn’t
it what I have mentioned before? And the reason why
I did study computer science courses? Oh well…

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