Remember my old Asus Laptop?
That thing, with it’s defects:
broken dvd drive and broken usb ports.

This laptop was running a server here
at my place, until I took it down a few
months ago, when the system got exploited,
(….due me not installing updates….. stupid me…)

(The machine’s networking interface was working
fine, so it’s still fine for a server.)

I haven’t looked into getting the thing running
again after that event. I tried to backup it’s data
before, using an USB-IDE adapter, but it seems,
my adapter isn’t working correctly either.

A while ago, I moved some of my old computer
equipment to my place in Eindhoven. That equipment
contained a machine that used a 2,5″ disk with an
adapter for regular IDE cable (and a bracket…)

So…. now I’ve hooked up the laptop’s HD to my
desktop machine, and I am creating an image of that

After that’s done, I might want to look into preparing
that disk to be placed back in the laptop. So, I might
want to prepare that disk for OS installation.

As I mentioned, the machine has USB problems. It seems,
doesn’t work most of the times, but sometimes it does. I
guess that’s how I was able to install it last time… but now,
when I try to boot a live cd, it seems, the BIOS can see the
USB DVD Drive, but the OS reports USB errors while
trying to enumerating the device.

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