So, a little story about my DreamBox. As you might know,

I recently moved to Eindhoven. My DreamBox DM-7000S
still sits in Beek, at my uncle and aunt’s place. This linux based
sattelite receiver contains a hard disk and ethernet port ;) so,
it’s connected to the internet. It’s running the PLi image nowadays.
( ) I have used different images in the
past, but nowadays, it runs Pli. The Pli software also includes a
chttpd web server and a dropbear ssh server.
I have set up some port forwardings so I can access my box over
the internet ;)
So, on saturday, Doctor Who is aired on the BBC. I have programmed
the dreambox to record this. So, all I have to do is download it, right?
Well.. apearently not. The chttpd just went 404- File not found. The
f*cking file is there!!!! But after some trials, it turned out the chttpd
cannot serve large files. So, I have to split the files.
Remember, this is an embedded linux machine with busybox and so,
and it seems, the split command is not supported. So, I am splitting
the files using dd ;)
Splitting it into files, 1 GB is size:
dd if=Doctor_Who_-_10_04_10.ts of=1.ts count=1000 bs=1M
dd if=Doctor_Who_-_10_04_10.ts of=2.ts count=1000 bs=1M skip=1000
dd if=Doctor_Who_-_10_04_10.ts of=3.ts count=1000 bs=1M skip=2000
Well…. I hope it works. Lol. I am late. Broadcast was saturday. I started trying to download it last night, but I needed my sleep, so I am only downloading it now to my laptop here in Eindhoven.

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