The damn summer time stole one hour of

my time, and the time I have I spend
procrastinating. I have been trying to get
postfix configured once again. This problem
I have with it, has existed ever since I
configured it, and I cannot figure out what
is going wrong.
You see, I am running my server on my
domain Receiving mail
works fine, but sending doesn’t. This isn’t
really a problem, since I can use my ISP’s
SMTP server for sending mail, so I haven’t
bothered for a long time, untill today, since
there is more important stuff to do, I wasted
my time on that damn server again.
You see, I am running a Courier IMAP/POP3
server and a Postfix SMTP server. Usernames
and Passwords are stored in the database.
For receiving the mail (IMAP using Courier) this
doesn’t cause any problem, but the authentication
in the SMTP part fails. I cannot login.
Various examples 1 2 make this seem a simple task,
but in reality: IT DOESN’T WORK AND I DO NOT
and I **SHOULD** study math… or so…. but I am NOT,
bad bad meeee!!!
And since that summer time stole one hour of my time,
I should still start cooking some food!!! f00d!

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