So, today, I picked up my new modem at 4launch.

They opened their shop at 3 PM, and so I arrived
at the closest busstop just before 3 and walked
to the shop. Soooo…. I got my modem! yaaay!
Back home, I flashed the beta IPv6 firmware,
entered my account info, and it connected.
Native IPv6 seemed to work, on the first look.
But, looking closer, it turned out that my DSL
connection was only running at 2 Mbit, while it
is supposed to be 4 Mbit. My line speed was
only half what it was supposed to be.
Then, I tried to register my DECT phone, since
the Fritz!Box 7270 also supports DECT. For
some reason, it doesn’ t want to connect to
my Fritz!Box…
But, that’s not all… after a while… my modem
rebooted itself… and not only once, it kept
rebooting randomly.
So, no native IPv6 for me yet.
Let’s hope a firmware upgrade solves these
For now, back on my old modem and my old IPv6 tunnel.

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