Hehe, I’m watching some anime again. Kenshin episode 19 now.
Yesterday I watched some D.N. Angel episodes, and I am
downloading Bleach, Ergo Proxy, Jigoku Shouju and .hack//twilight.
Oh man, I need a few more hard disks ^_^ hehehe

Yeah, I’m now watching a lot of anime, but well, there was a time
I didn’t care about anime. It all started when Fadem (@blaatschaap)
posted a link to Full Moon wo Sagashite, that was the first anime I
watched, and well … I liked it, and that started me watching anime.
Noein, a nice anime, and I watched 132 episodes of Sailor Moon,
but that’s too childish I guess, but my ex, Julia recommened that,
kinda stopped watching it when we broke up, but well, maybe I will
watch the other episodes some day, hehe didn’t download them just
to sit on my hard disk, and as I said, I need some more of those lol.

.hack//roots, also a nice anime, with plays inside a computer game,
a virtual word, also nice, so that’s why I’m downloading other animes
( or what’s the plural of anime … ) out the .hack// series.
I’ve downloaded( but not watched yet ) .hack//sign
and now downloading .hack//twilight as mentioned above.

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