So, I’m 22 now, and will be for the next year.
Oh well… it’s just a number, but the thing I like,
is just yesterday, having fun with my friends.

So, first at 4 PM, Joyce arrived with the train.
Both Joyce and me are BlaatSchaap members.
BlaatSchaap is a chatroom, and so, both of us,
Joyce at the pc, I at the laptop, so we were chatting.
Kinda funny. Then we watched some anime.
Rurouni Kenshin. Shanna ( also BlaatSchaap member )
was downloading it from my pc. Yeah. I once
downloaded it, because someone ( don’t remember who )
recommended it, but never watched it, untill yesterday.
So, when the episode was almost finished, my phone rang,
to tell me, Hans departing in Sittard and would be at the
train station soon. So, we had to go to the train station again.
At the moment we wanted to leave the house,
Ashley and her bf Ricky arrived. Along with Nicole and Daniël,
who brought them over to my house. So, a with a little delay, we
left again to get Hans from the train station.
When we got back home, we decided to try the music keyboard
for the pc, one of the presents I got from my uncle and aunt.
Hans played some music. Joyce and Hans discussed some games,
Nintendo and stuff, not exactly my thing. So don’t ask me for details,
I don’t know anything about gaming consoles and stuff like that.
Two hours after that, we had to go to the train station again, to
get Chloé and Peter. Ashley and Ricky stayed at home, Ashley
playing with my laptop. ( so I still have to check she didn’t leave
any unwanted messages :P )
So, when we got back, it was time to start eating.
Raclette grill like every year.
After that we went back to my room, Hans played some
more music, and later I just played some mp3s.
Also we got a skype call from Shanna. :) also funny, but
at that moment my uncle came in to ask me something.
And Ricky took the laptop, not sure what he talked about.
But well…
Chloé and Peter went to home with the train again.
Since I didn’t drink any alcohol ( noone did, the first time that
happened since my 15th birthday i guess ) I could drive
some people home, in stead of my uncle. So I had to drive
Joyce, Rickey and Ashley home. That was more trouble then
expected, because the highway to Heerlen was closed, and so,
it took much longer then it normally would. But I got everyone
home, and then, back home, Hans stayed sleeping over here.
So, we only got back at 1 or something like that, driving for like
2 hours i guess ….
So we went to sleep, and slept till 10, found some breakfast,
Nicole and Daniël came also to here, and we ate the leftovers
of the meat, and Hans left back home with the train.

Well, and here a photo of my presents :P

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