Well, I haven’t posted in a few days, so i decided
to blaat some more in here.

Yesterday afternoon I went to DJ Kicken ( Henri Kicken )
To hook up his PC I fixed. Been there all afternoon,
setting up some stuff, like shared printer and shared folders.
Well, the printer didn’t want to be shared, some restrictions
in the EPSON driver software, so unfortunately that didn’t work.
Well, I guess, just me, fixing the PC of a famous dutch DJ,
oh well… maybe he is famous, but he is still a normal person.

Then some school blaat, We are in a audio project,
we need to code a program that applies some filters
and sound effect to sound. First I had to code a RIFF/WAVE
file reader. My source codes are online at
if someone wants to take a loot at it.

Seeing the end of the year coming near, I already started
writing a review of the past year. So it will be online in time
this year, becuase I was a little late last year, wasn’t I? :P
And well … last year it was in dutch, this year it will be in
english, in this blog.
And lately I have kinda neglected my dutch blog, since I guess
most readers are english-speaking, and my dutch readers can
read english anyways,

So, now some weather blaat, finally the weather is what it is
supposed to be for this time of year ( 7 *C / 45 * F )
Seriously, we could have had a BBQ for my birthday ( 17 *C / 65 * F)

Oh well … enough blaat for now, thanks for reading.

~~ The Laughing Emo ~~

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