Yay!!! Today is my birthday.
And school starts today at 13.15 ( in a few mins, writing this at school )
So I could sleep late, so, good.
And I got some presents from my uncle and aunt. A book, a small
music keyboard for my computer, with some software to learn to play,
and a Da Vinci Code DVD.

Earlier, I also got a few presents by mail from Shanna.
This cool necklace, american coins and a 1 dollar note.
And chocolate :P

I got two cards, one was with shanna’s presents, and I
got a card from my father.

That’s what I have so far, tonight, some family will and
friends of the family will come over. See what they bring.

Tomorrow some friends will come. So, that far my birthday.
Should go now, class started one minute ago :P :P :P

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