So.. like the other BSD’s I needed to configure my xorg.conf file to enable the correct resolution. Well… what’s next, play some sound. No sound card found. It seems I have to manually add the driver in the /boot/loader.conf file. So after adding driver to the configuration and rebooting, it works fine.

Well… some other things… which I did yesterday. My external hard disks… (which are ext3 formatted). On my FreeBSD, they appeared as icons on my xfce4 desktop. Double clicking it gave me an error. It seems, I had to add permissions to /usr/local/etc/PolicyKit/PolicyKit.conf, and now it works right away. Cool!

I haven’t got this working yet on the other BSDs. On the other BSD’s I can mount the manually of course. Please note on NetBSD the device is /dev/sdXe (e=0,1 etc) and on OpenBSD it is /dev/sdXi to mount the first parition on the external HD.

I think there was no dbus on NetBSD, (trying all three, but I don’t think I am mixing them up) but there was hald. But hald complains not being able to start since dbus is not running. And therefore the automatic mounting will not work.

I suppose this requires some more playing around with. For example to get TV-out working. I guess I’ll have to poke the xorg.conf for this again, and look at the driver to use.

Please note the video card in this system is a NVidia GForce 4 MX 440. To “modern standards” this is old. But the point is, for FreeBSD, NVidia provides a driver. For the other systems not. The Geforce4 in this machine is the NV17 core, which is supported by the nouveau driver, but looking at the supported systems section of the nouveau drivers reveals they only support Linux and FreeBSD, which are also supported by the NVidia drivers, so apart from being open source, this doesn’t add support for systems not supported by NVidia.

According to the man page of nv (FreeBSD), this driver supports my card, so it’s not using vesa I assume. I should check what the other BSDs support as well. Anyways on FreeBSD this nv driver manpage doesn’t show anything about TV-out, but I guess I could use the nvidia or nouveau driver, at least on FreeBSD.

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