So… I have this, I guess, about two year old Android phone. A T-Mobile G1, which is in fact a rebranded HTC Dream. So… for this phone there are no upgrades available since Android 1.6. And I must say, after I upgraded to 1.6, the GPS functionality of this phone stopped working. It was really after the 1.5 to 1.6 upgrade.

Well… looking at the upgrade guides, which tell me to root the device, tell my I must downgrade to exploit the bug in 1.0. Yeah…. the 1.0 version which was on there when I bought it. But googling a bit around got me this​ownload-universal-androot/ which gave me root without having to reset everything.

You see… the guides on tell me to backup *before* rooting, using apps which require root. So not that handy, isn’t it? Anyhow… so I got the root with that app…

Following the guide mentioned above… a new recovery rom is required. the amon ra is recommended for my phone, however the flash tool is missing. Perhaps it was only found in the ancient 1.0 rom? Well… I tried the other, not recommended one, and it installed fine.

The radio version of my phone was the radio version mentioned, so I don’t think I needed to upgrade it. I remember my phone prompting to upgrade this thing some time. However I did it anyways… tried to install the DangerSPL right away but it failed. rebooted the phone. it booted fine but the clock went back to 2009.

Trying to enter the recovery again to attempt to install this SPL thing again… but nothing seems to happen this time… just the icon remains on the screen, the menu doesn’t appear like it did previous time… I cannot continue without this danger thing, as it needs to repartition the flash to be able to flash larger images, so I can upgrade my Android version.

Why would I need a new phone, I can upgrade my old phone. Well… It doesn’t agree with me yet… but it will bow for me, I am root, after all!

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