Why I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day.

First of all, I wasn’t raised with it. This “holiday”. It has only been
‘introduced’ in this country in the mid 90’s, by the means of
companies advertising.

This brings me directly to the reason I don’t celebrate this day, since
it’s purpose, the reason why it was introduced here, was only, for
the companies to make money. And to exploit love for profit…
I don’t want to be part of that.

Just look at the amount of emails from various websites I’ve
received the past days with this day in the topic. It’s all
about profit

If you want to celebrate this day, I urge you not to *BUY* presents,
in stead, I suggest to give a hand made present. I believe, giving
something you put effort in to make it, is worth much more then
something you’ve only spend money on.

Another phenomenon this day seems to create are the people
who say they hate it because they are single. What this group
of people represents,  goes beyond the meaning of this day,
but it reflects something in out society. I’m not sure how to
explain this in English. But it comes down that this holiday
creates the idea you HAVE to have a boyfriend or girlfriend.
It’s the idea that society puts this pressure on individuals, they
have to perform, they have to confirm certain exceptions.

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