First post of the year. I know, It’s February
already, but better late then never, right?

So, what’s going on? Not that much, really.
Second week of classes again, after the exam
period. I’ve failed my databases exam, but,
with a 4 for my partial exam, it was kinda
to be expected, I guess.

I’ve passed statistics with an 8 and Logic and
set theory with a 7. So, my other subjects
are going well. The only subject I’m still
waiting for is Philosophy of Science.
The result should be there soon, I mean,
this *is* the 2nd week of classes!

Anyways, I have passed enough bachelor
subjects in my pre-master, so I am taking
master classes now, and also data structures,
(which is a bachelor subject, still a compulsory
pre-master subject)

And also this semester, I am taking a philosophy
class. “Philosophy and Causality”. I must say,
taking philosophy classes have a positive effect
on me. I feel much better now I am taking these

So… philosophy of science, last semester, is the
first time I was taking a philosophy class, so I
am still kinda new to the area, but, I like it.

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