Today, I’ve done a little browser compatibility test:

Opera version 10.63 or higher is required:
older versions don’t implement the
onHashChange event.
The site will work fine with Opera 11 Alpha too.

Firefox 3.6 or higher is required.

older versions don’t implement the
onHashChange event.
The site doesn’t work well with early 4 betas,
but with the latest beta 4.0b6 and the nightly
builds, the site will render fine.

Chrome 6.0 will render the site fine.
Chrome 7.0 will have an issue with
the image error handling code. It’s
behaviour seems like a bug to me,
since when I do a traceback, the
object still exists in the in-browser
.onerror code, but as soon at my
ImageError() function is called,
it’s suddenly undefined. And as this
code worked with Chrome 6,
and other tested browsers like
Firefox and Opera.

As announced before, Internet Explorer
is officially unsupported. That doesn’t
mean I haven’t tried

function translate_to_msie_dialect(){
  var s = document.getElementsByTagName(“script”);
  var l = s.length;
  var i;
  for ( i = 0 ; i < l ; i ++ ) {
    var src = s[i].text;
    s[i].text = src.replace(/.textContent/g, “.text”);

This code turns standard javascript into microsoft’s dialect,
well, as for as the .text vs .textContent concerns.

This works on Internet Explorer 8. Self modifying code
seems to be allowed in the Microsoft browser. When I
try it the other way around, and try to translate a
Microsoft-dialect script to Standard JavaScript, it fails.

Oh well… now…. let me get to the problem with this
script: it only works for in-line javascript, so code
that sits inside

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