The other day, I bought a lettuce. Ya know, sush a thing

with a clod of earth. It’s roots still attached to it and so.
So, when I was cooking, I also prepared my lettuce.
Then I realised, “This thing is still alive, and I am
about to eat it!”
If vegetarians don’t want to eat meat because they
feel sorry for the animals, then, my question is,
“Why is it okay to eat plants?” Is it because plants
don’t scream when you kill them?
I have been asking this question to a couple of
people in the past weeks. One of the answers I got
is “Plants don’t have nerves, so they don’t feel pain.”
I wonder, is this true? I mean, is it really true plants
don’t feel pain? From the time I still watched TV,
I remember seeing some experiment with electrodes
attached to a tree. And when they hit the tree with
an axe, they got a reading on their measurement
devices. So, I beleive plants can feel pain.
So, what’s really the difference between eating
animals and eating plants. They are both living
beings! Why would animals have more rights
then plants? Because plants are so different
from ourselves? Because they look passive?
A plant, it can’t run, it can’t resist. So, why
would that be okay, when eating animals is not?

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